AMES Australasia

Inventory Balance Enquiry System - AMES Australasia

AMES Australasia requested a simple interface for its Sales Reps to login and enquire stock balances.

CodePix Technologies worked with AMES, developing a custom web application and mobile application solution using a Laravel back-end to make All The AMES' dream a reality. Developed system accepts an output file from the existing system and provides an easy to use interface for sales reps to access the stock quantities securely.

The scope of the project was considerably large, as the aim was to use the system multiple states accross Australia (Melbourne, Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia), a large query optimization to load large volume of data via the mobile app, and secure the application with two-step authentication.

Since working together we have continuously strived to deliver solutions that would work towards giving users’ the best possible searching experience. From its origins, until today, the user has always been the focal point of product development.

  • Provide an easy interface for sales reps to view stock quantities : This system has reduced a large number of daily phone enquiries about stock quantities coming from sales reps and they have a much easier way to access stock balances whenever they want.

We met the following outcomes in producing the balance enquiry app:

Responsive mobile-first interface
Two step authentication for enhanced security
Performance optimization to ensure quick stock search
Real-time dashboard reporting of what sales reps are doing