Richmond Mahinda Old Boys Association - Melbourne

RMOBA, Richmond Mahinda Old Boys Association is an active association of past students from Richmond College and Mahinda College of Sri Lanka. This association has hundreds of active members Australia wide and runs a diverse set of social and community events year around.

The association had a promotional static website a few years ago but due to lack of maintenance and usability it was suspended. This new proposed web portal is not just a static website which showcases the events and promotes the association, rather it is going to be a customer portal, in which members can manage their subscriptions online and take part in events organized by the association.

It is anticipated that this proposed solution will make it easier for the officials of the association to manage, organize and promote the events and also will be helpful for members to manage their memberships and stay informed about the association.

  • Automate the manual membership management process: All the memberships are paid and maintained manually. This system will automate that process which will make it easier for members and management.
  • Make it easier to manage and organize events: The system will provide an interface for management to organize and manage events by collecting data like, member participation and interests.
  • Effective online promotions and newsletters: The system will integrate with existing MailChimp lists and make it easier for management to handle newsletter subscribers. It will also provide a way for the management to publish events and other news like blog posts so that members will be able to see them on the website.

System will have a front-end where the members will login and interact with their profiles and membership and also there will be a back-end admin dashboard where admins and management can login and manage memberships, post events and news etc.

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