Dwellings Group

Dwellings Group

Dwellings group wanted to redesign/ rebuild of their old website in order to enhance their corporate business profile over the global real estate business. The new website was designed and developed with the modern look & feel retaining its current functions and features.

This website is also connected to the Eagle CMS to fetch all the property listing, newsletter subscription, property enquiries etc. Furthermore, the new website consists of an Admin portal where administrators can login to manage projects posts and news.

Also, the new website is linked to the portal where the landlords and tenants are able to login to submit/ manage their properties.

  • Improve corporate business profile: The primary objective of the new website is to enhance the corporate profile of the business while increasing more traffic towards thewebsite.
  • Improve customer satisfaction: Proposed website will be redesigned with modern user interfaces and features. This will attract more customers and give them a seamless browsing experience and to enhance the visibility and the image of Dwellings group in the field.
  • Providing more usable features and functions: The proposed website will keep all the existing features of the current website and will improve and add more features based on the requirements of Dwellings Group customers.
  • Highlight large projects and publish business updates: The proposed website consists of an Admin panel where; the users can manage the details of large projects and latest news effectively.

The website contains a combination of static and dynamic pages. The new website is connected to Eagle CMS to fetch the listings. Also, there is an admin section where admins can edit site content (Large projects/ News etc.).

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